22 April 2007

Comment dites-vous '!!!' ?

What do you get when you mix the guitars and synth of the Talking Heads, disco bass, house beats, and a whole lotta punk attitude? I'm not quite sure but whatever you call it you had better punctuate it thusly: !!!. Apparently you pronounce it "chk chk chk," though I prefer to say Three Exclamation Points, or Expo3 for short. I was lucky enough to be in Paris on a trip that wasn't quite for business, and it was quite for pleasure... but, maaaan! when Expo3 just happened to be playing Le Bataclan on my first night in town. I hadn't heard a note of their music before their show but I had read enough reviews of their latest album to have a ballpark feeling for what their deal was. Having arrived in Paris at 8:30 am after a sleepless flight, and spending the day walking around the city, I decided to grab a seat in the balcony during the intermission after the opener. The opener never had announced their name, so I just called them AeroC/DC and I'll leave my review of them at that. I enjoyed the first !!! number from my seat and remained seated as I took a video of the second song.

But then I had to get off my weary ass and join the madness below. The crowd was intensely into the music. The band was intensely into the music. The music was intense. I was in need of some energy and the band was like a shot of danceroids. I left more energized then when I had arrived. The set was a solid 2 hours with little or no downtime and I would have been happy after the hour mark, but also could have enjoyed an hour or so more. The energy in the room increased with every song and by the time the encore came around the room was ready to explode. People could not contain themselves and several jumped on stage. A small dance party broke out on stage before security finally broke it up. It was the perfect end to a long long day. !!! indeed.

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