10 May 2007

-of the weekend

What's the matter, too busy to blog these days? Guess so, sorry.
Anyway, last weekend I managed to work in two shows in the BIG city. That Weekly Ned dude and I hit the LES/Williamsburg area nice and good. For a full on juicy logorrhea personified review, check out his thoughts. Consider this the Liff's Notes version (complete with moving pictures which are all the rage these days).

Friday night we headed to the Luna Lounge to catch Hopewell. I have been following these guys for a few years now, ever since they rocked my socks off opening for GRAB at the Paradise. I have seen them a few times and have most of their recorded material. I keep thinking they are a band that is going to fade away at any moment, but they keep chugging along. A new album is on the way. Live, they always seem to surprise me. They have a nice way of constructing their setlist so that it always just gets better and better throughout the set. I'm also always surprised how tight they are live considering they really don't play live all that much. They closed with a nice cover of Jane's Addiction's Of Course which I taped a bit of for you:

Saturday night it was off to the Abrons Arts Center for a little John Zorn action, hold the Zorn. It was a mini festival celebrating the second book of the Masada songbook. As a Bostonite, my Zorn experiences are far and few between. Actually, this may be only the 3rd time I had seen a Zorn-related production. So it was a rare treat. And treat it was. I can say without hesitation that I loved every second of it. Not a note went unloved. It was tough work, but I managed. And I am here to spread the love! (what a nice guy I am):

Shanir Blumenkranz Group

Masada String Trio

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