07 June 2007

Uninhabitable Mansions

Uninhabitable Mansions, the most reclusive band in the myspace era, is the duo of Robbie Guertin of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Chris Diken, a non-Clap Your Hands Say Yeah alumnus of Connecticut College, with whom I use to have the pleasure of working. They recorded some very nice tunes in their "studio" over a few different sessions and offered them up on their myspace page. It is reminiscent of the pre-Broken Social Scene band, KC Accidental. The music is somehow tied into a multimedia art installation project they were involved in that was inspired by the methods used to survey fish populations, and the futility therein. The project also includes a companion book. As myspace only allows three songs at a time, their music has fallen out of the public's reach, and so I provide it all for you here. There also appears to be 3 new tracks to stream over at their myspace page so go check em out. Chris has recently joined his mate in the city of 5 boroughs so we will hopefully hear more from the both of them very soon.
Uninhabitable Mansions the art installation the website (I think you could get lost in this website for days)
Uninhabitable Mansions the band the myspace page
Uninhabitable Mansions the music (deleted by request 7/08):
A Few Things to Learn
I Found Your Beard
Lady Hater
Muscle War
Orphan Avenger
Pirate Moths Unleashed
The Grass Cut Me
The Whatever Motion
This Time No Cops

Another friend of mine just graduated from the Boston Architectural College and his thesis project is pretty damn interesting, AND music related. He designed a new campus center for the Berklee College of Music. It also serves as a great segue to my next post, because I'm headed to Berklee on Saturday to check out Feist and Grizzly Bear. Anyway, check out the Music Workshop, A Campus Center for the Berklee College of Music Based on the Concept of Tonal Gravity.

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