03 October 2007

Sea and Cake @ MFA - 30 September

Scored some free tickets from the Phoenix so I unexpectedly went out to see the Sea and Cake at the Remis Auditorium in the Museum of Fine Arts. I had just seen them right before the summer, and now completed my summer sandwich by seeing them right after the summer. I don't know the music well enough to claim this for sure, but it easily could have been the exact same show. That is to say it was awesome, but still, totally unnecessary for me, but free it was free so who's complaining? The biggest difference was the venue, in this case a small auditorium. The sound was a lot better, but the energy was a little less. On a Sunday night though it was a nice setting. Settle back, enjoy the tunes, really concentrate on the music. The bass playing of Eric Claridge stood out for me at this performance, some really fine stuff there that really holds it all together. The crowd, which was again. not a sellout but decently full, was completely rapt, you could hear a pin drop between songs. There were a few uberfans in the crowd who were literally able to have conversations with the band, albeit heckling and slightly annoying ones. And as per always, some vids:

Random thought: If there is ever perchance a Sea and Cake cover band, it should be called Sea is for Cookie. No good?

Meg Baird of Espers opened. She played folky finger-picked floating songs that highlighted her beautifully Baez-esque voice. Coincidence? Set break music was Joan Baez. It was a weird opening choice for the Sea and Cake but enjoyable nonetheless.


March to the Sea said...

thanks for stopping over on my blog..

meg b was boring i felt..ahh well.

Liffy said...

yeah, she was a bit on the boring side. nice voice though.