19 October 2007

Yonder Mountain String Band - 18 October

Had the pleasure of catching Yonder Mountain String Band last night at the Roxy in Boston. Here's the transcript from a live chat with the self-proclaimed biggest combo YMSB/Red Sox fan.

Kitschdork: You psyched man?
YondahSawx#1@aol.com: Yeah dood!
KD: Should be a good show. Hopefully people show up despite the big game tonight.
YS: Awwww yeah! Check it Check it yo, they got the game on huge screens. Dope!
KD: Oh boy...
YS: Here comes Yondah, bring it on doods!
KD: Time to get down n boogie...
YS: Whoooooooooooooooo!
KD: Yeah this jam is tight.
YS: No no, Yooooooooooooook. Home run baby! Go Sawx! Look at Kaufmann the bass player, he's a huge Sawx fan just like me, he's eatin this shit up.
KD: Funny.
YS: This is like watching the game with Yondah hanging with me on my couch. Oh and they have instruments and their playing my favorite tunes.
KD: You must be in heaven then.
YS: I think I just soiled myself. Go go go go go, YES. Manny just knocked in Papi!
KD: But what about this heady jam?
YS: That's just Yondah bein Yondah.
KD: O...K...
YS: Hey dood, are you air mandoing?
KD: Uh...maybe.
YS: Only Yondah can make bluegrass headbanging music. Love this shit. Show's over, game is in the bag. What a night.

But seriously, show was great, game was a bit distracting for the non fans, but the band was into it commenting on it throughout the night and the playing didn't suffer, so it was all good as they say. If the game went south I would have hated to see what that would do for the mood of the place so you had to be rooting for them regardless of your affiliation or lack thereof.

We also headed over to Boston's newest jazz club, The Beehive, just down the road a ways, to catch the Superpowers, formerly known as Boston Afrobeat Society, the latter name pretty much sums up their sound. Great nightcapper, and it is a great space. Much bigger and open than I thought it would be. Been wanting to check the place out and also to check this band out for a while, so got a nice two birds with one stone deal. Here's a taste.

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