13 June 2008

moe. ROCkin in the City

Every so often, which is not that often at all, I am presented an opportunity to see some moe., whether it be as an opener, at a festival, or as was the case last night, a free post-work show in downtown Rochester. I guess I burned out on them very early on, I saw them in abundance my freshman year and then it just fell off a cliff and I didn't see them again for sometime. But, everytime I see them, they seem to play all of the old tunes I know of theirs, and last night was no exception. They played half of their first first album, the cassette album Fatboy I got at my first show back in 93, and a couple more off their first CD, Headseed. They sprinkled in one nice JJ Cale cover of Cajun Moon, with opener and Assembly of Dust frontman Reid Genauer on guitar and vox. Seeing as though I am clearly not the person to be providing in-depth analysis for a moe. show, I will just say the second set closing Sensory Deprivation Bank>Recreational Chemistry (mostly just the Chemistry part) which together must have clocked in longer than the entire first set (which was a measly 35-40m), was worth the price of admission... or should I say, I woulda paid some money for that shit. Garvey and Schnier have taken the dual guitar jamming crown away from the Allmans. Now I like the Allmans more than moe., and as individuals Trucks and Haynes slay these guys, but as a two-headed guitar machine, these guys rule. At one point in the first set they traded off the lead guitar role and if you weren't paying attention you would have had no idea, it was completely seamless. But the real highlights were during the aforementioned Chemistry, which featured some very nice AHEM (excuse me) chemistry... This tune had it all, a trance-inducing next level jamming middle section, an explosive guitar shredding finish, some masterful bass leads by Derhak (where was he the rest of the night though?), and what fiery rock show would be complete without some serious smoke on the stage...yep, it had it all. I'll be happy to hear it again when it gets up on the archive, assuming it does.
See you again in a few years moe.!

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