23 June 2008

My Morning Jacket @ Radio City Music Hall

My Morning Jacket played Radio City Music Hall. And the Radio City Music Hall played My Morning Jacket. The lighting on stage was almost entirely backlit all night, which at times created darkened figures on stage with a glowing aura about them, or at other times produced gigantic shadows rocking out all over the walls, or at other times rendered the band completely invisible. Whichever effect was caused, the result was always befitting, as it showcased them as the gods of rock that they have become. It was sacred ground according to lead Jacket Jim James and they were doing their best to give it their blessing. In a true Earth meets Sky moment James ascended into the 1st mezzanine via the stairway connecting the box seats along the wall to jam amongst his disciples. After the truly satisfying encore "set," the crowd emptied into the enormous and gaudy lobby with an absolute buzz of energy rarely felt at concerts these days. I would say that the show really wasn't all that much different than most any MMJ show, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The venue and circumstance of the show seemed to take precedent over what was actually played, for both the band and the audience.

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