24 November 2008

El Ten Eleven @ Bug Jar

Ten, no, make that Eleven questions answered on the El Ten Eleven show from the Bug Jar.

1. First rule of live music in effect? Indeed, got there at 9:40 for an 8pm list, first band of 3 didn't come on until 10:05, El Ten Eleven on after midnight. Sunday night, ugh.

2. Black and Tans? $2! More please.

3. Sounds like? Um, Ratatat or a west-coast guitar-led Benevento Russo Duo maybe...

4. Effects pedals? 6' worth. Carried onstage in a large silvery guitar case. Oohs, aahs, and audible gasps heard throughout upon opening of the case.

5. You know those guitars that are like, double guitars? Approved!

6. Guy in crowd singing along to entirely instrumental music? Check.

7. Radiohead cover? Paranoid Android of course. A little too obvious, and little too short, still very good.

8. Ass? Shaken.

9. Soul? Stirred.

10. Crappy Youtube video? Right here:

11. Encores? 3. One was free, the final 2 were earned. Great crowd for a Sunday night, and we got rewarded. The band was very appreciative, and pretty damn surprised, many kudos thrown Rochester's way.

Download some tunes:
K10 (from RCRD Label)
Full show from 5 June 2008 (courtesy of iamserio.us)

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