24 February 2009

Sadies, Jerry Teel @ Bug Jar

You always feel like you are in some sort of time warp twilight zone when you step into the Bug Jar with its retro studio apartment hanging from the ceiling. But when you were also drowned in the sounds of The Sadies and Jerry Teel and the Big City Stompers it hits you even harder. Jerry Teel kicked things off with his "classic" rock, and I mean "classic" as in before classic rock was classic rock. They didn't play rock music, they played music that rocked and rolled. It wasn't new, it wasn't original, but it was great.

Then The Sadies took over and brought us some more of that rock and/or roll music. The original influencers of rock music were all evident and out in the open, not mashed up and lost and reworked. You had blues, gospel, country, surf... Sometimes all together, sometimes separated, but fairly clear and unfiltered. Was it retro or so post that it flipped back to pre? They fired off tunes one after the other, some lasting less than a minute, I think, unless they were playing multi-movement epics, but that's not likely. The Bug Jar owns my ears again tonight for Blitzen Trapper and Alela Diane.

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