25 November 2009

Phish @ Syracuse War Memorial

I'm not cool enough to twitter, but if I was, this is how my review of Sunday's show would have come out in real time.

Classic rocking Bowie opener. Solid.

Killing this straight ahead stuff

No security in here, anything goes

Not my faves but trucking along

For all the kudos kuroda gets, c'mon man, can't you get a spotlight on Page for Lawn Boy?


This jam is killing

Nice solid first set, keepin it simple and leaving on a serious high note

Drowned opener, same as Darien

Here we go. This will definitely be labeled Syracuse Jam on the board release

A nice funky theme emerges, loving this

Got a bit spacey, but back to the funky

Twist! Yes!

High energy...

into Piper. Always associate these two together for some reason

Amazing how the douches in the crowd melt away when the band is on fire like this

Getting heavy

Quickly into BBFCFM!

Phish theater, gotta love it

Trey mic down low, on knees, Mike's mic up high, reaching and screaming

J-D shoutout!

James-DeWitt corrected to Jamesville-DeWitt, you tell em Johnny!

Len Fishman Orthodontist shoutout, ok, this is a bit much

About time to pull out that Fishman Nottingham Hill song I heard him do once

Small group around me valiantly calling for Tube

Tube it is! Nice!

Theme, love it

Wow that maze was on

Never has a SITM been so welcome. Ah sweet relief...

Zero to close

This song has always irked me, but it does seem to close some smoking sets

Hold on, First Tube!

Taking a page from WSP, volume turned to 11


That show was amazing, and I am as jaded as they come...

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Anonymous said...

Why don't you twitter???
Seemed like a lot of trouble to immitate twitter in blog format! ;-)

anywho, PHISH rules!