27 June 2010

Tortoise @ Bug Jar

I haven't been in a venue that cramped, hot, and humid since the first time I caught Broken Social Scene at the Middle East and there was literally a cloud of sweat hanging in the air. Ever since this show was announced I was curious as to how Tortoise would actually fit onto the Bug Jar's stage. They managed, but it didn't look easy. I'd say the band was probably annoyed to be playing that venue in the end, though it worked out for us in the end. Great show and amazingly intimate. These guys would be a great fit for the Rochester International Jazz Fest. For whatever reason this is considered rock, though it closely resembled some of the best "jazz" I caught during the fest. I have watched Tortoise in reverse order. Was introduced to them on a very large stage at the Austin City Limits Festival years ago. Then a few years later I saw them at the considerably smaller Somerville Theatre, opening for and backing Daniel Lanois. And now, catching them at the smaller than small Bug Jar. Next will they be in my living room?

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