31 August 2010

Horsefeathers, Auld Lang Syne @ Bug Jar

Finally time to finish up some unfinished posts collecting dust around here.

I missed a good amount of their set because for some reason they ended up going on second, while the openers, Auld Lang Syne, took on the closing slot. So when I arrived Horsefeathers were already a few songs deep into their set. If you've heard that they sound a lot like Iron and Wine, than you heard right. Eerily similar. My take was, Iron and Wine writes better songs, but Horsefeathers had a better live show. Now of course, Iron and Wine's songs are so freaking good that the live show is by default amazing, but the comparison makes sense in that Horsefeathers elevates their songs more in the live setting. Also, the cover of Gillian Welch's Orphan Girl was amazing. Hear their version at Daytotter.

Fortunately for Auld Lang Syne I like them already or else they would have had a major uphill battle to win me over after causing me to miss part of the real headliner's set. They closed the night in fine fashion, and for the first time that I had seen had a piano on stage, which was a fantastic addition to round out the sound.

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