22 November 2010

Auld Lang Syne @ Java's

Local boys (and girl) Auld Lang Syne played a special 100th show at Java's, a place they had never played previously. Other than the new-to-them venue, they upped the special-ness with a string quartet and Aaron Shewan on french horn. They also played a smoking two-set show, nailing songs new and old for friends old and new. Auld Lang Syne plays dark brooding music and have staked their claim in intense slow-building epics. They physically look and act the part of moody Americana rockers so well you're likely to think it might all just be a put-on, but I think it is purely authentic.

The sound in Java's was nearly perfect, very crisp and clear, though it was definitely missing something. This music requires in the least the clanking of beer bottles and pint glasses, and ideally consumption of their contents as well. But unfortunately that was nowhere to be found at this coffee house.

They played a couple of new ones (looking forward to their forthcoming album next year), some of their old "classics" (My First Soul played for what was probably the 100th time, they quipped) and threw in some covers that they were born to play like Dylan's You Ain't Going Nowhere and the Stones' Sweet Virginia.

They've been playing with a piano live for less than a year and I can't believe they existed without one now. For this show it became the centerpiece for such a large portion of the night. It certainly hadn't been omitted for lack of talent. Lead man Timothy Dick was in total control of the instrument in every situation, it wasn't just filler.

It took them about 3 years to arrive at show 100, if they can get their next 100 down in half that time these guys might just make a name for themselves outside of sleepy Rochester.

After the show I made it over to Abilene's for that much needed beer and took in some dead-on Cash covers by Cash Back. An appropriate capper on a fine evening in the ROC...

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