08 November 2010

Broken Social Scene, The Sea and Cake @ Town Ballroom

This one will go down as one of the best shows of the year. The Sea and Cake opening for Broken Social Scene?! I didn't even need to step into the venue to know that to be the case, two of the best bands out there on the same stage. Did it live up to expectations? Damn straight. They took advantage of the oodles of awesomeness in the house with lots of sit-ins, including John McIntyre hitting some sort of percussion for the entire evening. BSS put out one of the best albums of the year, nearly topping their untoppable You Forgot In People. Their new album, to me, is surprisingly amazing. The pseudo-hiatus was more refreshing for the band than I would have figured considering they never really seemed to be off, just named and organized differently. And live, they were at the absolute top of their game. I think semi-lead man Kevin Drew said it best from the stage when he basically said that they chose to play all of the songs they liked to play the most for this tour, old or new. It was hit after hit after hit with some rarities and even a great Apostle of Hustle tune thrown in for good measure, but it didn't lean as heavily on the new material as you would think. If I had any gripe from this show at all it was that the new leading ladies didn't quite live up to their predecessors, not bad, just slightly lacking... energy mostly.

The Sea and Cake warmed the crowd up with their post rock grooves, inviting a few friends from Broken Social Scene along for the ride. It was a tad on the short side, they may have only squeezed in 4 or 5 tunes if I remember correctly, but it did the trick.

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