23 December 2010

Mike Gordon @ Westcott Theatre

After seeing a lackluster show from Mike Gordon's current lineup a couple of summers back, I have avoided seeing them again. Though with them playing mere minutes from my parent's house during the Thanksgiving holiday, it was tough not to give them another chance. Glad I did. There were certainly points in the show where it teetered on the edge of standard pointless jamband dreck, but for most of it, they rose above. Murawski has disappointed me in the past, but on this night he was locking in with Gordon and the rest of the band for what were tight, interesting, and driving grooves. I was blissfully out of touch with what was going on song-wise which only made it seem all the more tight knit. The set was dominated by originals, though sprinkled in were some tasty covers, like Sailin Shoes and Skin It Back, both by the recently Phish-oweened band Little Feat, and what I thought was the highlight of the night, an unexpected but appropriately spacey cover of David Essex's Rock On.

The Westcott was officially sold out, though it was very comfortable inside... can't say this venue has disappointed me yet.

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