15 November 2009

El Ten Eleven @ Bug Jar

L 10 11 - 585 - 3x - 356
In other words, El Ten Eleven was back in Rochester for the 3rd time in under a year, 356 days to be exact. There aren't many, if any, national touring acts willing to come here at that frequency and it if there had to be one, I am damn glad it is them.

El Ten Eleven Part 3 or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying How the Heck They Did It and Rock the Fuck Out.

The 1st show was a revelation. The 2nd brought it back to earth, in retrospect a bit of a disappointment. But in the 3rd act they brought it to the next level. The crowd was doubled (finally) and so was the intensity. They showed a greater comfort in their older material stretching it, playing with it, taking it new and exciting heights. The new ones sounded great too, but were clearly in a rougher state. The stage set was even an improvement, with bright white lights shining behind each of them, and the addition of a smoke machine (or was the stage smoldering from the heat?), both great effects.

Indras opened the show once again. And yet again, quite enjoyable, though it is odd to me that they are opening for El Ten Eleven, especially repeatedly, they're just not a great fit. Though I'm not complaining, it was great to see them again. The lead guitarist broke a string on his acoustic midway through the set. Lacking a replacement, he had to go the rest of the way on his electrics. They had to call an audible on the rest of the set. Always fun to see a band get knocked out of their comfort zone and this was no exception.

Kicking off the evening was a local 3-piece named Torus. The bass player, shirtless with an ass-length ponytail and a lightning-bolt guitar strap, was absolutely locking into some thunderous anti-groovalicious grooves with the drummer which were just screaming for some shredtastic guitar licks. Unfortunately the guitarist was content to just fiddle around with spacey noise effects the whole time. Good, but could have been better.

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