18 January 2010

Catching Up: Closing Out 09

Before my forthcoming 09 in review post, thought I would just round out the year with some shows I didn't miss but didn't get around to reviewing either.

First up was Neko Case at the Harro East back in early November, more timely and descriptive reviews here and here. I enjoy her live much more than her albums believe it or not, but this show will always be remembered by some of the strangest and most persistent stage banter I have ever heard. Neko and Kelly Hogan went on and on about being on a first date with Rochester and took the joke to a lengthy and awkward level. No video offering for this one.

Toward the end of the month it was Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings at Water Street. They played a lot of new ones including the one below and I've got a good feeling their forthcoming album is going to be just as good as the last two. They also played "When the Saints Go Marching In" and then down the road at Abilene the Po Boys played it less than an hour later. Didn't feel like Fall in Rochester. The Po Boys acted as quite the connector actually as they then played Good Times Bad Times which I would see Phish play the next night.

Just a few days later I made a last minute decision to check out Camera Obscura at the German House on hype alone. Glad I did, they were great. Simple but lush. And the seemingly quiet lead singer Tracyanne Campbell completely ripped into the crowd during this quiet number. Haven't seen a crowd eviscerated like that since Charlie Hunter in his early years.

Closing out what turned out to be a very diverse group of leading ladies here was Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs who I caught at the Bug Jar. Just a duo, Holly on guitar and vocals, and Lawyer Dave on guitar (extremely tasty slide guitar that is), vocals, and the most unique drum setup I've seen, all simultaneously. He drummed only using pedals, not even completely sure what was going on there but it was damn good. Felt bad that as a literal one man band he didn't even get billing in the band, but oh well.

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