02 February 2011

Walri, Auld Lang Syne @ Abilene

After a decent little tour, NYE extravaganza inclusive, Walri was back in the ROC for another night of Wauldlangri, or Wauldlangsyneri or whatever you want to call it. Arriving at Abilene with Auld Lang Syne already rocking the joint, I walked in the door, paid the $3 cover (first time paying at Abilene, seems to be a new trend now, still damn reasonable) and stopped in my tracks. The place was packed all the way to the entrance, I couldn't move. Yikes. Eventually I found my way to the bar and then closer to the band and then out toward the billiard area where thankfully some room cleared out eventually.

On to the music. Auld Lang Syne was tight and enjoyable as always. Walri was still somewhat shaky with the new lineup even after being road tested. The superjam set was also a tad disappointing only in comparison to previous efforts, lacking in surprise and also completely hacking up a couple of their covers. Still it was all good fun and a great night of music as it always is.

But really, my takeaway from this show was the talent of Auld Lang Syne's lead man Timothy Dick. My appreciation has been steadily growing, taking a big step up after the Java's gig where he took to the piano in a big way. But it finally occurred to me that he was possibly more talented on every instrument in his band than any of his bandmates. He could easily pull a Stevie Wonder or Jimi Hendrix on their next album. No slight to the others in the band, moreso huge compliment to Tim. I am pretty sure I have seen him rip it up on every instrument they bring (aside from the occasional french horn addition), whether it be accordion, drums, bass, harmonica or piano. And hello guitar! Every highlight of the evening was a ripping guitar solo from Timothy Dick. Mostly during the superjam set because for some reason he doesn't allow himself to display that side in their regular sets. There was some jaw-dropping stuff being laid down there. Don't sleep on this semi-hidden treasure Rochester... or elsewhere.

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